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Natural Ways to Have a Beautiful Skin

For the lucky few, beautiful skin comes naturally. Some say its all about the genes, others say it’s about the way they take care of their skin and what we eat. Most definitions when it comes to the natural ways to a beautiful skin means only using natural products with the absence of synthetic chemicals.

Some say the natural way to a beautiful skin is not about the products you use but is more about the lifestyle you live: organic diet, a vegan lifestyle, natural remedies to common skin problems, etc. Whichever school of thought to belong to, most skin experts agree that natural is still the best way to take care of your skin because of the health and beauty benefits they bring. Try these ways to a naturally beautiful skin to experience the benefits they bring.

Water: the Natural Hydrator

Most people forget the 8 glasses-of-water-a-day rule. Most experts agree that eight glasses is only the minimum if you want to truly hydrate your body and prevent dry skin. This is especially true for people living in warm places where sweating is a constant thing. To be naturally beautiful, you have to constantly hydrate your body as water is very much needed in keeping all metabolic processes of the body going. The human body is said to be 90% water, therefore hydration is a must if you want that healthy glow to show on your skin.


Exercising releases endorphins that help the body cope with stress and create an elevated feeling of euphoria and prevent melancholy. Since it’s discovery in the 1970′s it has been proven to truly help the body cope in stressful situations. Exercising not only helps release endorphins in the bloodstream but also dilates the blood vessels and allows more oxygen-rich blood to reach different parts of the body.

This is very important in maintaining a healthy skin. The reddish glow of our skin while exercising is actually caused by oxygen-rich blood reaching the different cells in the body as it ferries much needed nutrients and oxygen. Regular exercise can really help you achieve a healthier skin tone and tautness – true trademarks of a beautiful skin.

Eat Right

Scientists have always highlighted the importance of a proper diet to a naturally healthy skin. Proper diet brings needed substances like protein, vitamins, and minerals in our system that allows our body to properly heal and regulate itself. Vitamin A has been proven to improve skin texture and regulate the production of sebum or oil in our skin that can cause pimples.

Most dermatologists say Vitamin A is the natural Vitamin that can truly help the skin heal itself. Proper diet also brings to the body other substances like protein (the raw material for tissues and muscles) which aides in skin-tissue repair during scarring. What we eat is truly reflected in our skin, and eating organic food has been proven by scientists to slow the aging process.

People who rely less on fast-food and prefer organic meals have shown better skin texture and have been showing less signs of ageing. Eating to be beautiful has been made easy thanks to the emergence of Organic food shops that only sell organic ingredients – and don’t worry about the recipes to cook, there are hundreds of websites on the internet that provide organic food recipes for those who truly want to make the switch.


They really don’t call it beauty rest for nothing. Sleeping is so vital and important in having a beautiful skin as it is the natural means of the body to repair itself. Scientist agree that sleep is as important as eating because some substances that are used for repair, like Vitamin E, is only activated and used while we are sleeping.

The natural repair mechanism of the body can finish its job if we get at least 8 hours a day of sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of health problems, not just for the skin but also for our over-all wellness. Not enough sleep has also been proven to make the skin less taut and saggy. Sleep has biological and psychological benefits that most scientist are still trying to understand but they all agree that it is very much needed in keeping the body healthy and beautiful.

Use Sun block, avoid the Sun

Ultraviolet rays have been directly linked to skin cancer and premature ageing. Avoiding the sun is one of the natural ways to a beautiful skin. Scientists suggest that people who are always exposed to sunlight should wear, at least, an SPF 30 sunscreen. But more importantly, experts suggest that even if we don’t sit under the sun, we should still wear a natural sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 20. Avoiding the sun is a very important way to maintain the youth and beauty of our skin. The less sunlight we expose ourselves to, the lesser lines we develop when we get older.

Switch to Natural Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Though slightly more expensive than the average beauty product, cosmetics that only use natural ingredients have been made available thanks to the demand of beauty and health conscious individuals that opened this small niche in the market. Even the most expensive cosmetics brands have created a natural or organic skincare line to suit the customers who only want natural products to touch their skin. Most consumers really don’t mind paying extra when they’ve personally decided to go natural.