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Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Beautiful

The beauty of your feet depends on how much care you give to them. You must spare some time to take care of your feet not only to keep your feet beautiful, but in order to preserve your feet health as well since many people often suffer from swelling and dryness of the feet.

Here is ways and tips to help you take care of your feet beauty and health:

- Keep your feet beautiful with warm water and lavender oil:

Feet massage is one of the ways that maintain their activity and refresh them at the same time. Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with the addition of two or three drops of lavender oil which helps you relax more. Then, massage the feet gently and carefully, without neglecting any part of them.

- When you return home after a long and exhausting day of wearing socks and shoes, it is preferable to wash your feet with warm water, and then you can apply some moisturizer to your foot. It is better to relax and rest your feet for about two hours in order to refresh and revitalize them again.

- You can lie down for a period ranging between five to ten minutes with your feet above the level of your head by placing them either on a pillow or on the wall. This should alleviate somewhat the tension in the feet and legs and relieve tired and aching veins.

- Fruit acids are great to get rid of dead skin cells. So, soak your feet in warm water containing lemon or orange slices.

- To get soft and silky feet apply some rash cream for children on your feet and put them in plastic bags before soaking them in hot water for 20 minutes.

Remember always that your feet are vital part of your body, and you need to give them special attention to keep them beautiful and healthy.